Dee Donavan 'The Silver Baron'

'Spirit of the Celts'

Dee calls upon his Irish roots in putting together a fast moving and colourful production show 'Spirit of the Celts' incorporating the lilting songs dance and instrumentals of the Emerald Isle.    It is a show that even St. Patrick himself would be proud of !    His production has drawn capacity houses everywhere it has played and can be worked either self-contained or with a live band.    All the charm of Ireland is captured in this show with traditional costumes & sets that must be seen to be believed!

Routines such as the celebrated 'River Dance'  &  'Lord of the Dance are performed by
'Celtic Storm'
an award-winning Troupe of Irish Dancers.    This superb line up of Champion Dancers all in traditional
colourful costumes has received rave reviews at just about every venue the show has played in Australia
following a recent Provincial Tour!    

Don't wait 'till St. Patrick's Day to book
 'Spirit of the Celts.'     An Irish Show such as this is guaranteed to pack an auditorium anytime and everytime!     Because of the strong Irish heritage lines in Australia & New Zealand it will draw capacity crowds everywhere!

After all just about every second person has an Irish Grandmother or Grandfather!
   It's a well known fact!  




   'The Spirit of the Celts'   
                                                                  (The ultimate Irish Production Show)

           Bookings:    02 98947227    0403 377 925    email:

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